H167    A plate by Hamada Shoji.

A plate by Hamada Shoji. Nuka glaze with Seiji glaze (copper green) trailing.  Circa 1948

There is a set of plates almost identical to this one in the Horio Mikio Collection in the Museum of Oriental Ceramics in Osaka.

There are three small areas of glaze crawl but they are incidental to the quiet beauty of this plate.

8.75 inches across.

I would refer you to this page at Wooley and Wallis….  http://www.woolleyandwallis.co.uk/Lot/?sale=DA070312&lot=1081&id=222542

and this one at MAAK     http://maaklondon.irostrum.com/BiddingProcess/BiddingScreen/632?pageNumber=2


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