PR125 Jug. Aug 2012

Ash Glaze Jug

A jug with a paddled pattern and pine ash glaze.     7.5 inches tall.

PR121 Yunomi. Aug 2012


A Yunomi with a wax resist pattern.        4 inches tall.

PR115 Yunomi with pine ash glaze. Aug 2012


A yunomi with my pine ash glaze. From the wood kiln…this glaze takes on a particularly beautiful green when fired in the fluctuating atmosphere of the wood kiln.

4.1 inches tall.

PR102 Wood fired bottle. Oct 2011

bottle wood fired :

Wood fired bottle with an ash glaze.

5.5 inches tall.

PR100 A Tall wood fired Jug. Oct 2011

Jug wood fired :

Wood fired jug firmly rooted in the mediaevil tradition with Nuka glaze inside and over the rim.

12 inches tall.

PR98 Wood fired Bowl. Oct 2011

Ash Glaze wood fired :

A bowl with my pine ash glaze. Wood fired, it has a combed concentric pattern to the inside.

7 inches across.

Recent Pieces Available for Purchase. Sep 2011


Recent Pieces Available for Purchase.

On this page I will be listing pieces that are available for you to purchase. I will try to give a brief description of the glazes etc. involved and the size. I am very careful only to choose pieces that I am entirely confident in. BUT, if a piece does not meet with expectation I will always take it back or exchange it for another. I do appreciate that it isn’t easy to buy pots from photographs. Having said that, I have never had one returned after more than 100 sales from this page.

Don’t forget you can increase the size of the photograph by clicking on the thumbnail. Some operating systems will then allow you to magnify the image even further for a super sized image.

The telephone number is 01597 810 875  OR   email me at: for the price.  I charge post at cost only and nothing for packing.

I am also prepared to send further photographs if required although this might take a day or two to organise. For overseas clients I can use the post for smaller items although for a larger item we might have to use a shipper. Actually, the prices by shipper are quite similar to the Post Office AND, unlike the Post Office, they can be insured.

So, please keep coming back often. I will try to add new items as the older ones are sold. Of all the pages on this website this one is by far the most popular.