GA1   Very large Hamada Bowl.

A large stoneware bowl, circa 1955, painted iron brush design to the well, the rim with resist design in wooden box signed to the box 42cm. diam.


Purchased directly from the potter while on scholarship to Japan.

Hamada, Bernard Leach and Yanagi flew to Santa Fe New Mexico, in 1953, to see first hand the old handmade pots, and textiles, having been inspired by native American Indian pottery. As San Ildefonso they met Maria Martinez the renowned potter. The pattern on this bowl was one that Hamada used frequently on various shapes and is inspired by what he saw in the Southern American states. Coming soon to this website is a pair of yunomi with the very same pattern.

This is one of Hamada’s very large bowls…..not the very largest but almost. I have seen bowls of this scale sell at auction for £15,000. It is an absolute bargain at this price especially with a signed box. It is in undamaged condition and is as it was sold by Hamada in 1955.


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