H157   A Flower Vase by Hamada Shoji.

Its difficult to say whether Hamada intended this form as a  flower vase or as a Tokkuri (sake bottle). Whichever…it doesn’t really matter…this is a particularly good example…the finger wiped decoration is bold and a strong colour while the Nuka at the neck has fired to a soft grey.

8 inches tall.   With a signed box.


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Its interesting to note this very similar bottle auctioned  at Bonhams.

Hamada image

Hamada Shoji a Vase     Height  22.5cm (8 7/8in.)

Hamada Shoji a Vase stoneware, tenmoku glaze with wax-resist finger wipe design, thick cream ‘nuka’ glaze to the neck Height 22.5cm (8 7/8in.)

£1,600 – 2,400

2,200 – 3,300International Contemporary Ceramics