H185    A press moulded bottle by Hamada Shoji.

A press moulded bottle by Hamada Shoji.  Tenmoku glaze with kaki trailing.

A bottle with Hamada’s signature glaze trailing. Unfortunately, the tenmoku glaze has run a little bit and now two beads of glaze protrude slightly below the base of the pot which means it stands unevenly just a little. However, this is a minor worry and luckily nobody has tried to rectify the fault by grinding. The piece is still a substantial and beautiful pot and would grace any collection.   9 inches tall.

I would refer you to this example sold at Christies      http://www.christies.com/lotfinder/lot/shoji-hamada-circa-1960-5617911-details.aspx?from=searchresults&intObjectID=5617911&sid=d677eb41-6a84-4c30-8849-2932d48ce55a


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