H209   A Yunomi by Tatsuzo Shimaoka.

A very typical yunomi by Tatsuzo Shimaoka.  Rope impressed pattern inlaid with white slip influenced by Korean Buncheong.

Tatsuzō Shimaoka  1919 – 2007 was a Japanese potter who studied under Shōji Hamada and later became the second Living National Treasure of Mashiko, Japan. He was best known for his unique Jōmon zogan style of pottery. Throughout his career, Shimaoka worked collaboratively with a group of workers, students, and apprentices from Japan and abroad. After supervising the loading of what would become his last noborigama firing in late 2007, Shimaoka collapsed, and died several weeks later In 1996 Shimaokasan was designated a Living National Treasure (Ningen Kokuho) by the Japanese Government.

3.75 inches tall.

With a signed and sealed wooden box.



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