H244   A meoto set of yunomi by Murata Gen.

Murata Gen (1904-1988)
He has been called one of the greatest Mashiko potters Murata Gen was born in 1904 in Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture. Although originally an aspiring painter, he could not make a living as a painter, thus he came to Mashiko to apprentice with the then renowned Shoji Hamada immediately after the war. He began training as a pupil to practice his ceramic skills in 1944, he settles in Mashiko at a place called Kitagoya and built a kiln and became an  independent potter in 1954. Murata would transport his finished wares on his bicycle-towed trailer to the streets of Mashiko for sale, but his life was so difficult that his wife devoted herself to support the family. Murata was also interested in tea ceremony, and the tea cups he made were considerably different from those made by Shoji Hamada. Murata died in 1988. Currently Hiroshi, his third son, has taken his place as his successor.

Tallest 3.5 inches.


Signed and sealed wooden box.

A fascinating and well written essay by Robert Yellin about Murata Gen is here      http://www.e-yakimono.net/html/murata-gen-pt-2004.html


                  Photo of Murata Gen by courtesy of Robert Yellin.


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