H246    A Chawan by Hamada Shoji.

I don’t very often get the opportunity to present Hamada’s chawan for sale. In Japan the Chawan attracts a premium price as a revered and iconic piece of pottery. Often but not exclusively used in the tea ceremony the Chawan has become a valued and expensive piece to acquire. So, I am pleased to be able to offer this Chawan at what i think is an affordable price.

Hamada didn’t make Chawan until, at the opening of one of his exhibitions, a buyer of one of his bowls said that the bowl would make an ideal Chawan and he would use it in his tea house. Hamada made little concession to the conventions often ascribed to the Chawan but his bowls are so well balanced and feel so comfortable in the hands that tea masters liked them and used them.

This one is ash glazed with an impressed decoration. The trimming of the foot is done with energy and the sandy clay provides a beautiful texture to the clay.

It comes with a signed and sealed wooden box.

5.2 x 3.5 inches.


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