H248   A vase by Hamada Shoji.

A flower vase or Tsubo made by Hamada Shoji. Originally these jars with a narrow neck…sometimes narrower than this one, were made as containers for the storage of seed or tea. latterly in the hands of studio potters, they have become artistic and stylastic statements and more commonly used as flower vases particularly in the tea house.

This piece has a monumental feel to it….standing at 9.5 inches its visual impact  does not relate to its physical scale. The roundness of the pot and the relative width of the opening result in a substantial pot with immense presence. The glaze is called Irabo and is an ash glaze with characteristic fluidity and the ‘kinetic’ nature of the glaze is called stringing.

A wonderful piece with great character illustrating Hamada’s very honest and direct use of clay and glaze.

Comes with a signed and sealed wooden box.


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