HJ140  A press moulded bottle by Kimura Ichiro.


Mitsuru Kimura is the son-in-law of Ichiro Kimura and is a well respected potter from Mashiko. Mitsuru’s work was included in the exhibition to celebrate Ichiro’s life at the Museum of Contemporary Ceramics in Mashiko.

Whilst the influence of Hamada is apparent in both potters work Ichiro Kimura developed a very distinct style of his own often with much more picturesque decoration than his master. He often used copper as part of the decorations producing pinks and blues along with the iron browns and Kaki glaze. His style has been passed through the family to Mitsuru.

This particular bottle vase is decorated with wax resist. The iron brushed pigment is laid down first, then the wax and then, finally the Mashiko Kaki glaze.

7 inches tall.



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