HJ153   A Chawan by Hamada Shoji.


It is difficult to present Chawan by Hamada because of the premium prices the Chawan as an object attracts in Japan. However, here we have an example.

This one is a pattern that is well documented but it does have a repair. At a point in its history it has been chipped and repaired with  gold Lacquer a technique known in Japan as Kintsugi.

The following is from the BBC website…….

The technique is the ancient art of Japanese Kintsugi, a powerful metaphor for life where nothing is ever truly broken.

The story of Kintsugi is said to have begun in the 15th century when Japanese military commander Ashikaga Yoshimasa broke one of his beloved Chinese tea bowls and, disappointed with the shoddy repair job it was treated to, urged Japanese craftsmen to come up with a more pleasing method of repair.

In the 500 year old art of Kintsugi, which translates more or less as ‘joining with gold’, broken pottery is repaired with a seam of lacquer and precious metal. Trust the Japanese to encapsulate the wisdom of the ages into a single object. Theirs is a culture with an enviable talent for clarity of both thought and communication, and with an admirable attitude to what really matters in life.

The subsequent Kintsugi approach of emphasising rather than hiding damage illustrates a key difference between eastern and western philosophy. Kintsugi beautifies the breakage and treats it as an important part of the object’s history, and the broken pot not as something to discard, but as something more precious than it was before. 

This idea of celebrating the broken pot is an extension of the idea of wabi-sabi which, in contrast to western values of perfection and symmetry, is an eastern philosophy of living that finds beauty in the damaged or imperfect.

Western interest in Kintsugi pottery has increased over the last ten years, perhaps in response to changing attitudes to mass production, consumption and waste. Domestic recycling has led logically to the ‘upcycling’ of vintage and contemporary objects, and there is a growing market for damaged or age worn items that have been polished up, improved or altered to make some new, fascinating art piece.

There is a stable and old hairline crack underneath the repair.

5.75 inches across.

Hence the price is £375.00