HJ163   A tall bottle by Naoyuki Matsubara

An elegant bottle with Matsubara’s typically crawled glaze.


Naoyuki Matsubara was born in Mashiko in 1938 and apprenticed with Kimura Ichiro in 1956.

Two years later he also visited Kyoto and learned from  the potter Yagi Kazuo who was a core member of Sodeisha, one of the most important modern ceramics movement in Japan.

Afterwards, in 1961 he built his own kiln in Mashiko. :  Matsubara lives in semi retirement making just a few pots these days.

In 2020 Mashiko Museum is planning to introduce Matsubara’s work as a potter who brought the Kyoto tradition to Mashiko in conjunction with Kimura Ichiro.

This bottle has a slip under the glaze which gives the blue colour The glaze is a form of Nuka. Matsubara is barely heard of in the west yet he was an under rated potter whose energetic brush patterns in pigment and enamel were very much his own.

Very clearly marked.

9.75 inches tall.