HJ176   A plate by Hamada Shoji

Hamada called these tenmoku plates with trailed kaki glaze ‘the speciality of the house’. Hamada became very adept at trailing glaze from a ladle with a long handle. In Mashiko a great many Hamada ‘lookalikes’ were made very much influenced by these plates and came to be known as ‘Mashiko style’ although i think ‘Hamada style’ would have been more accurate.

This one comes with a signed and sealed wooden box.   10.5 inches in diameter.

There is a minor firing crack in the rim barely visible from the front. I have pictured it here. It is of no consequence and it certainly didn’t bother Hamada as he made a wooden box for it. It is a firing fault and NOT damage.

At £1,250.00 it would be difficult to find one at a lower price anywhere.

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