HJ207    A Yunomi by Takeo Sudo.  Nuka glaze with iron pigment decoration.

Sudo Takeo (1931-1998), who was a third generation Mashiko potter. Sudo Takeo studied with Hamada Shoji (1894-1978)  and hamada’s influence can clearly be seen on his work although Sudo Takeo produced work that was identifiably his own. He was particularly adept with onglaze enamel. Sudo Takeo worked at the Tobo-Hinata kiln, established in 1868 by the first potter of the lineage, Sudo Yujiro. The kiln is now run by Tagami Isamu and Munetoshi Tagami, the latter being Isamu’s son and Takeo’s grand-son.

3.5 inches tall with a signed wooden box.



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