HJ90    A Yunomi by Kimura Ichiro.

An ash glazed yunomi by Kimura Ichiro.

Originally from Mashiko, Kimura Ichiro (1915-1978) went to study ceramics at the Kyoto ceramic research institute. Kimura studied with Hamada Shoji from 1935 as an apprentice, and established his own kiln in 1946 at the close of World War II. Along with Shoji and later Tatsuzo, He was one of the founders of modern Mashiko pottery and and exhibited a great deal during his lifetime.  Not widely known in the west, he is considered one of the master potters of the Mashiko region, with important exhibits throughout Japan including at the Tokyo National Museum in 1964 and a full retrospective at the Mashiko Ceramic Art Museum in 1998.

Whilst the influence of Hamada is apparent Kimura developed a very distinct style of his own often with much more picturesque decoration than his master. He often used copper as part of the decorations producing pinks along with the iron browns and Kaki glaze.

Comes with signed and sealed box.  Clearly stamped underneath the pot.



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