1951 Born in Newport S. Wales.
1973 Teacher of Art and Pottery in Secondary Schools in Cambridgeshire.
1977 Moved to RHAYADER and opened our first workshop.
1984 Moved to our present site at Cefn Faes Farm ½ mile from the town of RHAYADER in Powys wales.
1984 Built a large downdraught kiln fired with oil for stoneware reduction.
1985 Built a 40 cu.ft. kiln to fire salt glaze. Elected a fellow of the Craft Potters Association.
1986 Elected to the council of the C.P.A.
1991 Elected a full member of Contemporary Applied Arts.
Chair of the Craft Potters Association.
1992 ASH GLAZES is published by A&C Black Ltd.
Visited Ethiopia to carry out a feasibility study for Project Ploughshare.
1993. Filmed by 'Invision Films' for video released in 1984.
1994 Appointed to the Craft Board, Arts Council of Wales.
Re-elected as Chair of the C.P.A. for a fourth term.
1995. Visited Ethiopia once more to oversee progress on Women's Pottery Project in Gondar.
Second workshop tour of the U.S.A. 
 published by A&C Black Ltd.
1996. Gave a week long workshop to Township people in Cape Town, S. Africa.
Demonstrated at the Maltese Potters Annual Festival in Valletta.
1997 Judge for ceramics at the Royal Dublin Society.
Spent three months at Chungnam University, Yusong, S. Korea
1998 Built new 55 cu.ft. kiln for Salt Glaze.
Awarded a Wingate Scholarship to build two-chambered wood firing kiln.
Returned to Korea to commission salt kiln and Invited to give workshops in Canada and the U.S.A.
Guest Demonstrator at the Israeli Potters Festival, Tel Hai, Israel.
Prize Winner, National Eisteddfod Crafts Competition.
1999 Selected for the Westerwald Prize Exhibition, Hohr Grentzhausen,
Appointed a trustee of the Craft Potters Charitable Trust.
Appointed a Director of the International Potters Festival.
Guest Demonstrator, International Potters Festival, Aberystwyth.
Workshops and lectures in the U.S.A.
Elected a member of the International Academy of Ceramics.
2000 Guest on H.T.V. "Art Talks" chat show.
Further workshops in the U.S.A.
Featured on H.T.V.'s "High Performance' Arts programme.
Purchase Award -- Orton Cone Box Show, Kansas City.USA.
2001 Has work selected for the World Ceramic Bienalle, Seoul, S. Korea.
Panelist at NCECA in Charlotte, USA
Shows at the World Ceramic Biennale and I.A.C. Exhibitions, S. Korea.
Demonstrator at the Craft Potters Association of Ireland Annual Ceramic Festival.
Workshops in the USA

Orton Cone Box Show, Kansas USA.
"Salzbrand" Exhibition, Hohr Grentzhausen, Germany

2003 Toured Korea and Japan.
2004 Guest demonstrator at the National Functional workshop, Wooster, Ohio. USA.
Judge for the Orton Cone Box show. Kansas, USA.
Re elected to the council of management of the Craft Potters Association of Great Britain.
Completes two-chambered wood fired Kiln.
First potter elected to the Royal Cambrian Academy.
Presents a workshop in Bavaria for Kalkspatz.Featured In TV documentary "Creative Roads" for HTV
2005 Will present two workshops in the USA in January.
Third one-person show at the Pucker Gallery in Boston. USA.
Guest presenter at the Kelowna Clay Festival. British Columbia, Canada.
Contributes to "The Firing," a programme for BBC radio 4
Awarded ACW grant.Builds three chambered wood firing kiln.
One-person show at Goldmark Gallery, Leicestershire.
Presenting two further workshops in the USA in November.

"Phil Rogers -- Potter."  Book published in the USA.
5th one person show at the Pucker Gallery in Boston, USA.
Recipient of the major Creative Wales Award from the A.C.W.
Becomes Vice Chair of the CPA for the second time.

2008 A new 1 hour film by Charles Mapleston and produced by The Goldmark Gallery entitled "Phil Rogers -- A Passion for Pots" is released as a two DVD box set.

Invited to speak at the World Ceramics Centre in Icheon, S. Korea on the Environmental concerns of salt glazing.
Took part in an International Workshop in Icheon. S. Korea.


Attended the Mungyeong Teabowl Festival in S. Korea.
Exhibition,  Boston, USA


'Phil Rogers - a Portfolio' is published by Goldmark Publishing.


Exhibition.   Boston, USA
Workshop tour in Canada and USA.


Exhibition.  Goldmark Gallery, Uppingham,  UK.
A new 30 minute documentary film by Goldmark called  'Drawing in the Air'.


Workshops in Connecticut and Boston.
Exhibition.  Schaller Gallery, St Joseph.  Michigan.  USA


Courtesy Ben Boswell
Pottery Co-Managers