Goldmark Gallery, Uppingham

Phil Rogers has exhibited widely both in the United Kingdom and Overseas. More than fifty museums around the world include his work in their collections, and there have been more than fifty solo shows, together with numerous group exhibitions, in places as far as field as Boston in the U.S.A. to Tokyo, Japan and Seoul in S. Korea. The following is a brief list of the most notable exhibitions of recent years:

(Those with an * denote a solo show.)

Forthcoming….*Goldmark Gallery, Uppingham,  UK 2016
*Schaller Gallery St. Joseph, MI.  USA 2015
Hjorths Fabrik, Bornholms Museum Bornholm, Denmark 2014
*Goldmark Uppingham, England 2014
*Leach Pottery Gallery St. Ives, England 2013
*Pucker Gallery Boston, MA. USA 2013
Oxford Ceramics Oxford, England 2012
*Goldmark Uppingham, England 2012
*Pucker Gallery Boston, MA. USA 2011
Goldmark Uppingham, England 2009
*Pucker Gallery. Boston, MA. USA 2009
Reynolds Gallery. Westmont College, Santa Barbara. USA. 2008
*Goldmark Gallery. Uppingham, England 2008
St Ives Ceramics. St Ives, England. 2008
*Pucker Gallery. Boston. MA. USA. 2007
Ceramic Art London Royal College of Art.
Kensington, London.
*Pucker Gallery. Boston. MA. USA. 2007
Gallery St Ives. Tokyo, Japan. 2007
*The Harlequin Gallery Greenwich, London. UK. 2006
*Bettles Gallery. Ringwood, Hants. UK. 2006
*Goldmark Gallery. Uppingham. Nr. Leicester, Rutland. UK. 2005
*Candover Gallery. Arlesford UK. 2005
*Pucker Gallery. Boston. MA USA. 2005
*Contemporary Ceramics. London. England. 2003
*Pucker Gallery. Boston. USA 2003
*Oakwood Gallery. Edwinstowe. Notts. UK. 2003
“Salzbrand Keramik”. Koblenz. Germany. 2002
*Harlequin Gallery. London 2002
*Pucker Gallery. Boston 2001
*Harlequin Gallery. London 2000
*Alpha House Gallery. Sherborne 2000
Classics vii. Kortrijk, Belgium 1999
*Bettles Gallery. Ringwood. 1999
*Bircham Gallery. Norfolk. 1999
Europaische Keramik ’99. Westerwald 1999
British Studio Pottery. Paul Rice Gallery. London. 1999
Objects of the Fire. Buckinghamshire Museum. Aylesbury 1999
*Twenty years a potter. Harley Gallery 1998
40 years of the C.P.A. Rufford Craft Centre 1998
Transformations. “Oriel”, Cardiff 1997
Tobu Dept. Store. Tokyo 1997
*Tho Art Space. Seoul 1997
Contemporary British Salt Glaze. Leeuwarden 1996
*On Line Gallery. Southampton. 1996
*Open Eye Gallery. Edinburgh 1996
“Ash Glazes.” Rufford Craft Centre. 1996
British Saltglaze. Bremen 1996
Studio Ceramics ’94. Victoria and Albert Museum .London. 1994