The following are a few links which you may find interesting and
Goldmark Gallery. The Goldmark Gallery is in Uppingham, Rutland and carries an amazing stock of modern prints and paintings as well as my pots.  There are monthly catalogues and Mike Goldmark will be very happy to add you to their mailing list if you contact him.
Craft & Design Magazine.. Craft & Design Magazine is an impressive journal that covers the whole spectrum of Craft in the UK.
This site is fast becoming the most important online information arena for potters and collectors interested in what is going on in British ceramics.
The Thackeray Gallery. A beautiful and intimate gallery just off Kensington Gore and not far from the Albert Hall. Very high quality painting, sculpture and my work.
Schaller Gallery Situated in St Joseph MI, USA. Anthony Schaller runs a gallery packed with a variety of contemporary ceramics including mine.
Gallery St
A Gallery in Tokyo specialising in the best of British Studio Ceramics.
Potters Society of Ireland.
For all the information and news regarding pottery in the Republic of Ireland.
Constanze Wilken The website of well known German novelist Constanze Wilken. Constanze has a love of Mid Wales and its artists. I am represented on one of the pages of her website.
Alex Tonkinson. Alex has long been associated with collecting contemporary ceramics. His father, Roger, runs the Tremayne Gallery in St Ives and Alex has worked for a number of major auction houses specialising in studio pottery.
The Pot Easel. An ingenious and contemporary version of the Japanese plate stand. Beautifully crafted, inexpensive, the ideal way to display plates and chargers.
And the sites of a few potter friends of mine:
Jason Braham Jason works in Dolau, Powys making salt glazed tableware.
Shiho Kanzaki Shiho Kanzaki is a Shigaraki potter in Japan well known for his contemporary Shigaraki works. Shigaraki is situated in the heart of the Japanese Islands,and is one of the six oldest pottery centers in Japan.
Gas Kimishima Gas Kimishima is a self taught potter who works with an Anagama Kiln in Tring in Hertfordshire. His pots are very Japanese in flavour and extraordinary in their level of sophistication. Gas is also an expert in the ancient kilns of Japan.
Jeff Diehl Jeff Diehl makes salt glaze in Meadow Bridge, West Virginia. USA.
Cathi Jefferson is a salt glaze potter working in Vancouver, Canada.
Frith Pottery David and Margaret Frith live and work in North Wales.
Micki Schloessingk lives and works on the Gower near Swansea in South Wales.
Bob and Chris Compton run their pottery in Bristol, Vermont. USA.
Minerva Chango works in Venezuela.
Marcus O'Mahoney Marcus is a fine potter working in Ireland at Glencairn near Lismore.
John Baymore. John fires in a Naborigama at River Bend Pottery in New Hampshire. USA..
Jim Behan. Jim lives and works in Carlow, Republic of Ireland firing with both wood and gas with salt and Soda.
Cotswold Pottery.

John and Jude Jelfs have their pottery and showroom in Bourton-on-the-Water.